Who is behind arised from passion for photos and the German Gymnastics Festival. Volker Minkus, who heads the agency MINKUSIMAGES is associated with the German Gymnastics Festival since 1978, and, together with Lars Kaletta and Michael Weber, delivers the images of 2009. The technical implementation was made by Id-Team. The design is from Andreas Aguilar, the former German champion and 1989 world champion in gymnastics rings. He is head of the Advertising Agency Aguilar GmbH now.

Is the registration at free of charge?

Yes, the registration is completely free. You only pay for images you buy.

What are Lightboxes?

Lightboxes are notepads which help you to organize your selected images. You can sort images of a lightbox or print them as .pdf. You can use as many lightboxes as you want. In the lightbox overview, you can move images from one lightbox to another using drag&drop.

How do I search for pictures?

If you search for images of a certain category, use the categories overview. If you like to search the entire image archive, click on 'search' in the navigation and enter your search term. Once you entered the first 3 letters of your search term, our innovative search suggests completions of the word as well as related keywords and categories. Additionally, it shows you how many hits you had if you click on the suggestion.

How do I refine my search?

You have searched for something and have too many hits? This is not a problem. Just click on relevant search terms that bring you closer to the result you want. If none of the relevant keywords is relevant for you, please enter an additional search term in the input field. Our system will suggest relevant completions of the word again.

How do I buy pictures?

You can put images in your cart by clicking on the small shopping cart icon. If you have all pictures you want to buy in the shopping cart, click on the link 'cart' in the top right-hand corner. There, you can choose the license and the desired size of the picture. For an order we need an address to issue the license to. If you do not have an address maintained in your user account, you can create one now. After that you choose a payment method (Paypal or bank transfer), you will get an overview of the order and can send the order.

I need an image for editorial use immediately, but can only pay by bank transfer. What next?

Please  send us a message using the contact form. We will activate your account for downloading before payment receipt after a short test. Please note that this is only possible for editorial licenses and that your email address must show the company you are affiliated with.

Which license do I need?

A rule of thumb: for private use, select the private license; for editorial use, please select the editorial license. Please review the permitted and not permitted uses of the licenses and select the appropriate license accordingly. Should you have any questions regarding licenses, please contact us.

Do I get an invoice?

Yes, for the photos you have ordered, you will receive a proper invoice.

Do I have to refer to, an agency, or a photographer when I use the purchased images?

If you use the private license, this is not necessary. If you have an editorial license, then please refer to the agency and the respective photographers.

I forgot my password. What next?

On the login page, you find a link to reset your password. You will then receive an email with a URL. Please visit this URL using your browser and enter your new password.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password in your account by editing your user information.

Do my lightboxes remember the images when I logout?

Yes, all of your lightboxes, including the content remain in memory, even if you log out.

Does my cart remember the images when I logout?

Yes, your cart including the contents remain in memory, even if you log off.

I can not login. What do can I do now?

After registration, you get an email to verify your email address. This contains an URL which you have to visit to complete the verification process.